Is it possible to order online?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to order online. CanDo products are only available at home improvement centres and D.I.Y. stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. You will also be able to get prices from these home improvement centres and D.I.Y. stores.
Is it possible to get samples for the various patterns?
Unfortunately, we only send samples (if available) to CanDo dealers. Our dealers have a complete display where all décors (if available) and combination options can be viewed
Where can I find pricing information?
You'll be able to find our recommended retail prices (RRPs) in the price lists on this website (Service > Price Lists). NB: As these prices are RRPs, prices in stores may differ from those in these price lists. For the exact price, we recommend that you visit your nearest CanDo dealer.
Are CanDo products available for sale outside the Netherlands?
CanDo products are also available for sale in Belgium. The range of products may differ from that available on the Dutch market.
Where can I get assembly instructions?
You can check to see whether there are assembly instructions available for download on the website under each product group.
What should I do if I have a complaint about a CanDo product?
We kindly request that you contact the store where you bought your CanDo product. They will deal with your complaint and if necessary contact us.
CanDo uses MDF for a lot of its products, but what is MDF actually?
MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is made of wood fibres bonded with synthetic resin glue. Softwoods, but also hardwoods, are generally used. This includes roundwood and thinning wood, as well as sawn wood and waste wood. MDF is therefore an environmentally friendly material that fits in with principles of sustainable construction. Machinery is used to process the wood into chips measuring approx. 20 mm. These are then treated and cleaned to remove any contamination. The next step involves making the chips tougher using steam, whereafter they are compressed between two rotating disks of a refiner and made into fibres. Loose fibres and/or bundles of fibre are then forced through a blow line where glue is added before entering the dryer. The fibres are separated from any residual steam in a centrifuge and stored in a silo that acts as a buffer for the moulding machine.
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