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Laminate flooring is particularly popular thanks to the numerous benefits it provides. It is easy to lay and maintain yourself, it is hygienic and affordably priced, and it scratches and dents less easily. The latest laminate flooring is difficult to tell apart from real, wooden floors.

Laminaat Basic
Laminate Basic

The Basic range of click laminate flooring is affordable and available in extremely attractive patterns. Just as all other CanDo laminate floors, Basic click laminate flooring is easy to lay and very durable.

Laminaat Basic groove
Laminate Basic groove

CanDo Basic Groove differs from the regular product range by virtue of its patterning and a longitudinal V-shaped groove. These give these floors the appearance of being a wooden floor. Six beautiful oak tints reinforce their rustic appearance.

Laminaat Original
Laminate Original
  • Click laminate flooring
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Suitable for intensive home and light commercial use
  • Fifteen-year warranty
Laminaat Black label
Laminate Black label

As the name suggests, Black Label is something special. These floors exude quality and durability. Not surprisingly, these floors have a lifetime warranty. Thick panels measuring 8 mm thick and a special, scratch-resistant top surface guarantee that you'll enjoy this laminate for years to come. Their patterning is unbelievably beautiful. Exquisite wood patterning and deep colours give the floors a vibrant feel.

Laminaat Black label groove
Laminate Black label groove

All Black Label Groove products are narrower than traditional laminate flooring. This gives them an extremely elegant appearance. This effect is enhanced by the subtle V-shaped groove along all four edges of each plank. This V-shaped groove accentuates the transition between adjacent panels.

Laminaat XXL
Laminate XXL

Laminate with the appearance of solid wooden planks. Extra long, extra wide, extra beautiful! XXL laminate consists of planks measuring 184.5 cm in length with V-shaped grooves along both edges and beautiful wood grain patterning. Planks are 12 mm thick giving the floor the feel and sound of a wooden floor. This is the ideal laminate floor for a rural look and feel. In short, the look of wooden flooring and the ease of maintenance of laminate.

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